Scholarly Publishing: Peer Review and Open Access

The traditional structure for academic publishing, viz., peer-reviewed journals, is being challenged by the spread of open access on the Internet.

As a competent classical scholar, like others, I have experienced problems with peer-reviewed journals. The unreasonable demand that authors surrender their copyright (Marx called this ‘alienation’) means that I can not post some of my own papers here for you to read, although I can provide links for them.

More importantly, although I have had helpful guidance from some editors, others have subjected my work, which is often interdisciplinary, to reviewers poorly qualified for the topic or biased and chiefly interested in blocking the expression of my ideas.

If peer review is a your fetish, relax: Some open access sites still do it, even though it is hardly necessary for Internet communications. For this site, I shall be pleased if you want to assume the function yourself by submitting comments. 


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