WERNER KRENKEL, Naturalia non turpia.

WERNER KRENKEL, Naturalia non turpia. Sex and Gender in
Ancient Greece and Rome. Schriften zur antiken Kultur- und
Sexualwissenschaft. Edited by Wolfgang Bernard and
Christiane Reitz. Spudasmata 113. Hildesheim: Olms, 2006.
Pp. viii + 559. ISBN 10: 3-487-13272-9; ISBN 13: 978-3-487-
13272-3; ISBN 0548-9705.

My review of Werner Krenkel’s collected papers, Naturalia non Turpia, is published in Mouseion Series III, vol. 7, 2007, no. 3, 277-282. This review was posted here while publication of the journal was delayed for many months. When it was published, the editor asked me to remove it from my site, because it will be available at “Project Muse”. Project Muse is an elitist organization open only to institutions, not individuals. If you are a teacher or student at a member institution, kindly find the document there. If, like myself, you cannot access Project Muse, I may be able to send you a copy.

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