For Translators

“Practical hints on Greek and Latin”, Meta 23 (1978) 148-153

Written for modern-language translators who encounter classical quotations in a modern text, this paper offers advice on conflicting methods of transliteration, on the proper use of published translations of the classical source, etc.

“Latin American Idiomatic Expressions”, L’Actualité terminologique 33 (2000) 1, 13

Latin American Spanish exhibits a rich variety of idiomatic expressions which vary according to regional usage and the whims of fashion; e.g., ‘pesca milagrosa’ (’miraculous fishing’), coined by Colombian guerrillas for their ’sport’ of abducting civilians for ransom. This article discusses several examples, and proposes that translators should establish an updatable electronic data bank instead of relying of dictionaries for such expressions.

“Translating Strato: The role of translations in the Study of Ancient Sexuality and the Understanding of Classical Erotica”

Mouseion, Series III vol. 5 (2005) 47-57 Daryl Hine has attempted an uncensored translation of Strato with erotic content, allusions, and humour to which modern readers can relate. But comparison of his translation and others reveals unavoidable distortion of important evidence offered by Strato regarding sensitive issues in the study of ancient sexuality. To encourage experimentation with innovative translation techniques which may better serve the complex needs of readers and researchers, I present a model combining free adaptation with a rigorous translator’s commentary. This paper raises interesting questions regarding Greek homosexuality, and at the same time sensitizes the reader to the linguistic and cultural relativity of this subject. It is reportedly already in use in both sexuality and translation courses.

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